Bring Back the Joy

In March 2003, ACT-NOW, an advocacy group of parents and educators, traveled from all parts of the country to Birmingham, Alabama, to present the World of Opportunity (WOO) with the Courage in Education award. In the "civil rights city," the idea for this CD was born, with music emerging as a natural expression of our commitment to children and of our outrage over the harm they suffer in data-driven, test-obsessed schools.

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Proceeds from the sale of this CD go to the World of Opportunity (WOO), created in 2000 when 522 students were pushed out of the Birmingham, Alabama, public schools right before the administration of a high stakes test.

Four years later, as students continue to be pushed out, the WOO is sustained by the hard work of residents and activists in the community, offering a free social justice and civil rights educational program.

Students are earning their GEDs, going on to college, obtaining employment, and above all, filling the air with laughter, where once there was none. For more information about WOO, click here

The CD sings loudly and clearly for the WOO and for students from all ethnic backgrounds, all across America, harmed by standardized schools.

WOO students bringing back the joy of learning.


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