Common Core: More Tests, But Not Better

Fair Test provides a good summary of the problem, which most people are ignoring.

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Dinosaurs and the Gospel

According to, this is the first page of an actual ‘science’ quiz given to fourth graders Blue Ridge Christian Academy, a private religious school.;_medium=sm&utm;_campaign=button_toolbar

Union Thug

Grammarian, orator, geometrician; painter, gymnastic teacher, physician; fortune-teller, rope-dancer, conjuror,—she knew everything.

Vultures of a Feather

‘Not using poverty as an excuse. . . .’ –Arne Duncan making the Broad Prize 2013 announcement, as he flubs that other Houston school miracle worker Rod Price’s name, Sept. 25, 2013

Look at the suits stand and applaud each other.;=em