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Another Predatory Publisher Accepts a Computer-Generated Paper

Ohanian Comment: Below an outrage that's so goofy it's funny.

But the headquarters for 52 phony-baloney journals is not so funny. As noted below, a snazzy website should not hide the fact that something suspicious is afoot.

Some information on the journal outed by Retraction Watch: According to her bio at the University of Central Missouri, the journal editor, Pauline Ratnasingham, teaches courses in Management of Information Systems, Internet for Enterprise, Server Side Internet Resources and Technology based Research and Quantitative Tools.

History of the American Research Institute for Policy Development:

Founded in June 2011, the ARIPD serves as a focal point for academicians, professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, fellows, and associates pursuing research throughout the world. Initially ARIPD's activities were based in Bangladesh. Later its scope has been broadened to the world at large through its U.S. International Center.

The list of journals they publish could be termed astonishing. And take a look at the turn-around for Journal of Education and Human Development:

Call for Papers for Vol. 4 No. 1
Submission Deadline: February 15, 2015 Publication Date: March 31, 2015

The mother ship claims this kind of turnaround for all their journals.

Other people have checked out the bona fides on this outfit: Questionable OA Publisher Launches with a Clever Website and 52 New Journals. Among other suspicious items, this search notes that "Predatory publishers that are from abroad and try to look like they are from the US almost always fail to get American street addresses correct on their websites. This is among the most mangled I've seen."

42, Monticello Street, New York, NY 12701.

There are a couple of mistakes in this address, starting with theh comma after the street number. Then, of course, there is no Monticello Street in New York City. There is a town called Monticello in New York State, and the 12701 zip code is for that town.

By the way, if your paper for Journal of Education and Human Development is accepted, the publication fee is $220. The one paper I tried to read was in such over-the-top academeze (with plenty of typos and grammatical errors) that somebody would have to pay me more than $220 to finish it.

You can read the paper authored by I. P. Freely and companions here. The first two paragraphs, complete with hyphens, gives you an inkling of what to expect:

The understanding of Web services is an ex-tensive quagmire. The notion that theoristsinteract with checksums is rarely adamantly opposed. Nevertheless, a theoretical prob-lem in cryptography is the investigation of adaptive epistemologies. The improvementof cache coherence would greatly amplify in- terposable epistemologies.

By comparison, we view theory as follow-ing a cycle of four phases: investigation, al- lowance, construction, and analysis. We em-phasize that GARGLE runs in _(n) time. We skip these algorithms due to resource con- straints. Further, the basic tenet of this so-lution is the emulation of 802.11 mesh net-works. Combined with atomic theory, such a hypothesis deploys a heuristic for the deploy-ment of IPv7.

The paper is complete with charts, graphs, and World Wide Web digital-to-analog converters. They had some fun with the references. Here are a couple:

A. Einstein, "Ubiquitous, flexible modalities for robots," Journal of Modular, Lossless Epistemologies,
vol. 520, pp. 76ΓΆ€“93, Oct. 2005.

C. Darwin, L. Williams, K. Lakshminarayanan, I. Newton, P. Martin, S. Qian, C. Hoare, O.
Narayanan, H. Jazz, U. Brown, R. Watan-abe, O. Clothesoff, and O. Dahl, "Reinforcement learning considered harmful," Journal of Robust Theory, vol. 62, pp. 20ΓΆ€“24, July 1995.

by Ivan Oransky

Interesting author names. [read them outloud]

The predatory journal named Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology has accepted a bogus, computer-generated paper entitled "Robots No Longer Considered Harmful." The paper's "authors" are listed as I.P. Freely, Oliver Clothesoff, Jacques Strap, Hugh Jazz and Amanda Huginkiss.

The journal's publisher, the so-called American Research Institute for Policy Development, lists the journal's editor-in-chief as Dr. Pauline Ratnasingam from the University of Central Missouri.

Conclusion: Please, please, do not submit any papers to the 52 journals published by the fake and inauthentic American Research Institute for Policy Development (ARIPD). It is a very harmful publisher.

— Ivan Oransky with Ohanian notes
Retraction Watch





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