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Resolution Stating NCLB Reflects a Political Agenda

Ohanian comment: This resolution was developed for a consortium of school districts in New Jersey, to be sent to federal legislators. You are free to use the ideas in the document.


WHEREAS, while NCLB purports to be an educational act, the NCLB Act contains many elements which seem to reflect a political agenda, other than that which relates directly to education;

WHEREAS, the NCLB Act is based on flawed educational theory, (for example: it places too much emphasis on mandated standardized tests, as the only recognized measure of instruction and learning; it recognizes only some theories of teaching and learning);

WHEREAS, NCLB is based on faulty assumptions about children's emotional, social and intellectual development, specifically mandating that all children will attain the same level by year 2014 and not giving any serious credence to contemporary brain research, learning styles, students individuality, and various routes of growth;

WHEREAS, NCLB falls into the category of "unfunded and under-funded" mandates, costing far more than the entitlement to implement;

WHEREAS, the NCLB Act establishes a new precedent of federal involvement in and control of curriculum, instruction, and assessments which have, throughout the history of public education, been under the control of local boards of education and state departments of education;

WHEREAS, the NCLB Act appears to be a thinly disguised attempt to break up the perceived hegemony of public education and promote a system of vouchers, charters and other choice programs while, at the same time, undermining public confidence in public education and educators;

THEREFORE, we ask that:

1. Our elected officials carefully examine this act and understand its social, educational and financial implications before re-authorization.

2. Professional educators, from a variety of states, levels of education, and reflecting a plethora of educational jobs, be included in evaluating and revising this and any significant educational legislation before authorization.

3. Any such educational acts focus on meeting the needs of children and include sufficient appropriations to support all mandates, rather than serve as a platform for presenting a political agenda.


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