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Give Your Opinion on NCLB

The NCLB Task Force of the National Staff Development Council is conducting an online survey of how educators are experiencing the NCLB’s impact on professional development.

You will see how skewed the choices are. Choose "other" and then explain.

Note: Question 12 lets you answer this question:

According to the NCLB, "States will ensure that LEA's [school systems] use scientifically-based professional development strategies." In general, this means such strategies have been proven to work through research, observation, or data analysis, and they are replicable. Among the school systems and/or schools I know best, the "scientifically-based research" requirment is:

Directly or indirectly improving the quality of professional development

a) Having a marginal effect on improving the quality of professional development

b) Having no effect on professional development

c) Decreasing the quality of professional development

d) I have no knowledge of the effect of the "scientifically-based research" requirement

e) Other (please specify)

Question 14

The school systems and/or schools I know best are primarily using NCLB funds for the following types of professional development: (check all that apply)

a) Increase teachers' content knowledge

b) Improve teachers' instructional skills

c) Increase school administrators' knowledge of instruction / leadership

d) Increase educators' skills in disaggregating and analyzing student performance data

e) Increase teachers' skills in developing and using assessments of student performance

f) Assist teachers in becoming "highly qualified"

g) Assist paraprofessionals in becoming "highly qualified"

h) Reduce class size

i) None of the above

j) Other (please specify)

Question 17.

Based on the school systems and/or schools I know best, it appears that to date NCLB-funded professional development is:

a) Improving the quality of teaching

b) Increasing the quantity of educators who meet my state's criteria for "highly qualified"

c) Increasing student learning

d) Increasing student test scores

e) Having no discernable effect

f) Other (please specify)




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