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The Business Roundtable and Mythology

Ohanian Note: Thanks to a reporter who sent it to me, I posted the first of these mythological characters yesterday: See

Isn't it telling that the Business Roundtable uses myth to make it's claims about schools?

PRESS RELEASES Released: 5.21.04

Thunderous Thor, Spunky Seth, And Ymir The Giant help Support No Child Left Behind

Tita Freeman

New Business Roundtable Campaign Uses Ancient Mythological Characters to Dispel Myths about NCLB

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Using characters from ancient mythology and a little humor to make a serious point – that misperceptions and myths about No Child Left Behind are distorting the facts about the law – the Business Roundtable launched a new campaign this week to set the record straight about NCLB.

The Roundtable sent the first of a series of weekly e-mails entitled, “No Child Left Behind: Dispelling the Myths,” to Congressional offices, members of the media, education and business leaders, policymakers, and other state and national organizations.

“No Child Left Behind: Dispelling the Myths” is just one part of the Roundtable’s ongoing effort to help policymakers and educators improve student achievement. The Roundtable is also working with coalitions in New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and other states to inform the public about the importance of No Child Left Behind. A Web site, www.supportnclb.org, provides a way for parents and other concerned citizens to let their elected officials know they support the law.

Roundtable President John J. Castellani said, “The Roundtable strongly supports No Child Left Behind because it’s the first education reform ever undertaken in our country that says we have a responsibility to educate every child – no exceptions. States and schools are now implementing this vitally important law, but myths, misperceptions, and distortions are making implementation harder. ‘No Child Left Behind: Dispelling the Myths’ will help get the facts out.”

The first e-mail (PDF file attached) presents Seth, a half crocodile, half human figure from Egyptian mythology, to help address the myth that No Child Left Behind is a right-wing plot. Next week, the Roundtable will call upon awesome Ymir, the famed giant of Viking mythology, to correct the notion that NCLB is a “one-size-fits all” education reform. The following week, mighty Thor, the ruler of thunder in Viking mythology, will help dispel the myth that NCLB intrudes upon local control of schools. The “Myth vs. Reality” series will continue for six weeks.

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The Business Roundtable (www.businessroundtable.org) is an association of chief executive officers of leading corporations with a combined workforce of more than 10 million employees in the United States and $3.7 trillion in revenues. The chief executives are committed to advocating public policies that foster vigorous economic growth and a dynamic global economy.

— Press Release



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