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Attention High Schoolers: Did You Know


That your school will give your name, address, and phone number to military recruiters---unless you take a simple step to stop them.

Yes, it's true!! Under the "No Child Left Behind" Act, passed in 2001, public high schools must give a list of all students' names,
addresses, and phone numbers to military recruiters, whenever they ask for it.
And students in your neighborhood have been getting calls from the recruiters, who want them (and YOU!) to join the army.

BUT, it's really easy to get your name taken off the list that the school administration sends to the military. Just notify your school's principal in writing that you don't want your name, address, and phone number given to military recruiters.(YOU CAN DO THIS YOURSELF, OR HAVE YOUR PARENT DO IT.)

Just take a "don't give out my name" message
to school with you and turn it in at the office.
(You can write a one-sentence request on any piece of paper; no special form is required.)

The info usually gets sent to the military recruiters in early fall, so giving or sending in your "don't give out my name" note by September 30, is the best way to keep your name and contact information off the list.


---Section 9528 of the "No Child Left Behind" Act of 2001 gives you and your parents the right to request that no information about you be released to any military recruiter without your written consent, and requires the
school administration to honor that request.
---It also requires the school administration to notify your parents of this right.


Dorchester People for Peace (DPP), 617-282-3783, or

Jamaica Plain Action Network (JPAN), 617-524-0475.

***********Sample Message********************

Dear School Administrator:

This letter is to inform you that I wish to exercise my rights under section 9528 of the "No Child Left Behind" Act, and hereby request that no information about my child/me be disclosed to any military recruiter without my prior written consent.

The right to privacy concerning school records is also recognized by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), which allows me to withhold consent to the disclosure
of directory information about my child/me to military recruiters.

Accordingly, I request that you do not disclose my child's/my name, address, or telephone number to military recruiters without my prior
written permission.

Student's name:_______________________________________

Parent/Guardian or student's signature:____________________________________

— Dorchester People for Peace


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