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Review of No Child Left Behind? Bring Back the Joy

THIS CD ROM IS MAGNIFICENT!!! The musical tone, the voice quality, the instruments, sent chills through me. The song, "Flowers are Red", chilled me and then choked me up. "Then Someone Taught Me" really got to me as well. I envisioned teachers listening to these songs as they drive to school and as they drive home.
You'd have to be dead not to be affected. (And if someone is dead, and still driving, we got problems, folks.)

I told the teachers at the House Party about NCLB that singing was the first step in doing something about NCLB.

All any living, breathing, caring teacher needs to do is listen to this cd rom to and from school--she or he will be singing 'Save Our Schools' on his/her own. So will 'Test the Kids' catch in the memory system so that such teachers will not easily forget it. They'll catch themselves actually singing pieces and parts.

I know what I am doing next; I am buying one for our District's Communication Director--he'll love it.

Then, I am buying one to send to Rod Paige...he needs to hear it. (Bet he can't produce an anti-cd rom of any quality to resist this cd rom's message.)

Again I say: beautiful voices, magnificent folk music instrumental use. Captivating.

You can hear samples of all 15 songs and order a copy online from


Remember: All proceeds from this CD benefit the World of Opportunity in Birmingham, AL.

— Georgia Hedrick


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