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Position Statements of the Illinois Association of School Boards

Ohanian Comment: When will Illinois teachers use this as the start of a revoltion to save the children--and their profession?


The Illinois Association of School Boards:

strongly disagrees with the premise that the quality and complexity of teaching and learning can be adequately and solely assessed by one achievement test given once during the school year; disagrees with the practice of assessing all schools with inconsistent standards allowed to be used by individual states to determine school accountability and adequate yearly progress; and believes that the federal government has no authority to sanction local school districts.

Therefore, the IASB shall work with the National School Boards Association and other coalitions to urge Congress and the Illinois General Assembly to:

  • amend the provision allowing for one high-stakes test to determine student achievement; remove the provisions for local school district sanctions; focus on professional development for teachers and administrators; and fully fund any requirements placed on local school districts. (Adopted 2003)

    The Illinois Association of School Boards shall support legislation that will modify required State student assessments so testing does not go beyond what is required by federal law, and that prohibits the Illinois State Board of Education from pursuing activities designed to expand student assessment without legislative approval. Further, the association shall support efforts to modify the Illinois and federal student assessment processes so that they will:

  • reduce costs to schools, the state and therefore taxpayers enhance student achievement increase student instructional time facilitate test score comparability within and across state lines return test results in a manner that will allow school districts to maximize student learning comply with the federal accountability mandate tied to testing maintain a needed emphasis on the Illinois Learning Standards develop a reporting process that reflects a school’s progress beyond simply student assessment scores. (Adopted 2002)

  • — Illinois Association of School Boards



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