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an excerpt from: Teachers, and a Law That Distrusts Them

Comments from Annie: An excerpt from Michael Winerip’s final education article in the New York Times, although already posted in the context of his whole article, deserves another spotlight.

The following quote itemizes the problems created by NCLB. Curriculum has been narrowed, classes have been reduced to facts and clips intended for memorization, and the ultimate outcome is test performance.

But, what has been lost in this process, leaving a vast and empty hole in the soul of a student, is passion; the “something children will fall in love with for a lifetime…”

Whatever it is, a book, a sport, a subject, a talent, we have, by our compliance, allowed our children to miss the opportunity to find and pursue a passion of their choice. As parents, as teachers, as people who are most aware of how dramatically this act has changed our schools, we, in fact, have caved in when what we could have done and should have done is fight with every ounce of determination to stop this ever growing destruction of learning.

The question we are left with is this: do we care enough, are we strong enough, can we come together, can we fight together to stop this destruction?

Tape these words to your computer screen.

“A final concern with the federal law is that it is so driven by state testing that there’s too much time devoted to test prep, too much time spent drilling facts for survey courses, and not enough emphasis on finding something children will fall in love with for a lifetime — the Civil War, repairing engines, science research, playing the trumpet.”

-- an excerpt from: Teachers, and a Law That Distrusts Them

July 12, 2006

New York Times


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