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If People Are Informed, They Will Nix NCLB

by Susan Ohanian

Elizabeth Jaeger has written an informative booklet about NCLB. This booklet would be very useful if it were put into the hands of the public, particularly parents. It explains the issues in clear, non-emotional, factual language.

Elizabeth is donating her work to "the cause." She has found a printer who will do 10,000 copies for less than $.35 each. Now we need to find local parent and teacher groups That will undertake to buy and distribute this booklet.

This is an excellent vehicle for public information. If people are informed they will do the right thing. But our media and our politicos are singularly unwilling to inform the public about NCLB. It is up to us to do it. Elizabeth has provided the means to do so.

If you are interested in this project, here is a pdf file of the booklet, What Every Parent, Teacher, and Community Member Needs to Know About No Child Left Behind. Thanks to the Oakland Education Association, an EducatorRoundtable partner, for posting this document on their website.

Ask yourself what YOU can do to spread the word. Silence is no longer an option.

As you can see, Elizabeth has made the booklet available for free, but it isn't practical for individuals to print out multiple copies. I'm thinking we might be able to send out pre-orders of 100 to individuals, leaving distribution to them. But to cover postage, we'd probably need to charge $50 per 100.

If anyone is interested--or has other ideas--let me know, and I'll work with Elizabeth.

— Susan Ohanian


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