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Finding Your Entrepreneurial Core

Another in the series of items you will find nowhere else.

Almost a year after Michelle A. Rhee was named the chancellor of the District of Columbia school district, she stressed at a May 20 gathering here on educational entrepreneurship that she sees the infusion of entrepreneurial practices and ideas as vital to her work of trying to transform the long-beleaguered urban system--Education Week, May 21, 2008.

Fellow Teach for America stalwart Paula Poopnik is a top advisor to Michelle A. Rhee. Author of The One Minute Sou Chef, and the One Minute Camel Handler, Poopnik dispenses inspirational advice for teachers eager to become a part of global economy in her new book, The One Minute Teacher Tycoon. Teachers in Washington D. C. will have the day off on May 28 to attend an author appearance where Poopnik and Rhee will both sign the book.

Poopnik brings a 15 year history of providing on-site and outsourced business automation solutions for functional, load & stress testing of paper clips to the rough and tumble world of the schoolhouse.

In a standout chapter, Global Teaching Solutions: Mastery on Demand,
Zinger draws a compelling map for transforming the faculty room into a turnkey enterprise zone.

Offering two dozen pithy maxims for success, Poopnik instructs teachers to write out each tenet on a separate notecard. Then, she advises teachers, "Use these cards as your entrepreneurial inspiration. Find a minute to concentrate on one card. Then another minute for another card. Your career will be transformed."

  • For every minute of every day, know what Standard your students are working on.

  • Standards are contagious. Make sure yours are worth catching.

  • Every Standard is a seed. If you plant dandelions, don't expect to harvest roses.

  • There are no shoddy Standards, only shoddy inputs.

  • Teachers who love Standards are the luckiest teachers in the world.

  • Like a good neighbor, Standards are always there

  • Standards: The final solution for the new Millennium

  • 14,000 Standards a day and tenure will come your way

  • Standards make teaching simple

  • Don't smile until the standard is met

  • If you love Standards, Standards will love you back.

  • Keeping children inside the Standard box keeps them where they belong, getting ready for the Global Economy

  • Standards: The Power Tools for the 21st Century child

  • Bring out the Standards and bring out the Best

  • Standards: Lessons for Champions

  • Standards: Helping the Global Economy find the workers of their dreams

  • Standards: Good to the last test score

  • Standards: The real thing. Accept nothing less

  • A good teacher brings good standards to life

  • Standards are forever

  • Better workers through Standards

  • It's not how much you do but how many standards you put in the doing

  • Successful teaching: of the standards, by the standards, and for the Business Roundtable

  • Got no checkbooks, got no banks,
    Still I'd like to express my thanks -
    I got Standards in the morning and Standards at night.

    Paula Poopnik delivers a recipe for push-button teaching for a better product. As she observes, "Test scores are the applause teachers get for teaching to the standards."

    — The Eggplant



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