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Duncan Announces Funds for Managing Logistics for Emergency Situations to Save Jobs and Drive Education Reform

Another item in the news you will read nowhere else.

U. S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced today that more than $666 million is now available for the Northern Mariana Islands under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. This funding will lay the foundation for a generation of education reform, ensure the safety of all school personnel, and help save hundreds of thousands of teaching jobs at risk of state and local budget cuts. Guam will be able to apply for another $342,917,245.63 this fall.

Education consultants certified by the U. S. Department of Education will hold a 2-Day Workshop on Managing Logistics for Emergency Situations Encountered in Dealing with Memos Issued by New Regime Staffing at the US Department of Education.

"The $666 million the Northern Mariana Islands will receive today is part of the single largest boost in education funding in recent history," Duncan told the total population of Alamagan who gathered for his remarks during his brief stopover. The CIA was unable to confirm whether the population numbers five or six. But the DOE confirmed "Everybody was there."

"The President's leadership and support from Congress have made this historic investment in our children's future possible. The Northern Mariana Islands can now utilize these funds to save jobs and lay the groundwork for a generation of education reform," Duncan announced.

According to U. S. DOE guidelines specified in grant applications, a 2-Day Workshop on Managing Logistics for Emergency Situations provides participants with logistics and supply chain planning and implementation tools for crisis events from a uniquely synergistic best practices perspective.

AFT president Randi Weingarten has promised the full cooperation of the union. Joel Packer, Director of Education Policy and Practice at the National Education Association, said, "We definitely want a seat at the table." An NCTE letter of intent indicated leadership's intent to build on their participation in Partnership for 21st Century Skills and deliver a technologically savvy presentation.

Documents made available by the U. S. DOE indicate that eligible workshops will include the following hands-on options:

  • Managing Workplace Violence: Strategies for implementing a Detect-,Pprevent-, and Protect-Program to Prevent Workplace Violence in the Faculty Room

    Learn how to deal with hostile and aggressive people who think they should be able to continue in the role of professional instead of reading the required script.

  • Implementing an All-Hazards Administrative Evacuation Plan

    Using scientifically proven planning methodologies, the workshop guides participants in creating sound strategies for a variety of catastrophes caused by high stakes test prep. This best-practice approach to planning provides emergency managers and key officials with detailed data and tools that promote effective decision-making during a catastrophic testing event.

  • Working with the Media in High Stress and High Concern Situational Lessons Learned from the Texas and Chicago Models Utilizing Best Practices

    This workshop will provide enrollees with the best practices in risk and crisis communication and techniques for snowing media newbies covering education. The instructor will interact with you to help you develop your press release with individual plan components that make your district look uniquely committed to reform.

  • Crisis Management Teaming Workshop: Strategically Selecting, Training, and Evaluating Your Teacher Team

    Using the Michelle Rhee Critical Incident Command and Disaster Recovery System (patent pending) workshop leaders will provide hands-on experiences in reacting to high stress-, limited information-, high ambiguity-, inadequate decision framed- situations required of teachers who expect to keep their jobs.

  • Teacher Incident Responce All-Day Bootcamp: DOE 380, 652, and 972 Levels

    This one-day Boot Camp format provides intensive training on the basic concepts and principles of the Teacher Delivery System based on scientifically proven techniques derived from 7,348,958 tons of McGraw-Hill test scores and recommendations in editorials in the New York Times. This course is designed to prepare teachers for the upcoming Business Roundtable online certification exams.

    — Susan Ohanian
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