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Ambassadors of Russia, Spain, Italy, and Iceland file grievance with the U. S. State Department

NOTE: U. S. Secretary of Education Hillary Clinton issued a statement that she's long been an advocate of rigorous education. "Remember, America 2000, later named Goals 2000, was my baby," she said. Clinton advised the ambassadors that the Common Core standards are a project of the National Governors Association (NGA) and The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and therefore not under the State Department's purview. She suggested that the ambassadors contact Bill Gates, who funded the Common Core project.

Press Release:

Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United States

Embassy of Italy in the United States

Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperacion de Espana

Embassy of Iceland

We hereby present the facts of violation by the United States of its obligations in the sphere of nonproliferation of attitudes of isolation.

The document known as the Common Core Standards, applauded by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, have excluded great works of world literature, excluding outstanding works from our countries.

In the interest of developing genuine workers for the Global Economy, we ask you to consider these points:

  • The emphasis on Shakespeare and Faulkner and the exclusion of Tolstoy encourages a dangerous xenophobia in the workforce of the Global Economy

  • Consider how a nation requiring Little Women and Oliver Goldsmith but excluding Dante Alighieri, the father of the Italian language, whose Divine Comedy is a masterpiece of world literature, can sit at the same table with world leaders.

  • The omission of Don Quixote, the most profound work of the Spanish literary canon, deprives students of knowledge of a founding work of Western literature and will prove detrimental in their global success.

  • Surely, this excerpt from the Grimismal, one of the mythological poems of the Poetic Edda, preserved in the Codex Regius manuscript, provides a glimpse of why it should be considered along with James Joyce:

    Heitr ertu, hripuor,
    ok heldr til mikill;
    gongomk firr, funi!
    lopi svipnar,
    þott ek a lopt berak,
    brennomk feldr fyrir.

    Atta naetr
    sat ek milli elda her,
    sva at mer mangi mat ne bauo,
    nema einn Agnarr
    er einn skal raoa,
    Geirröoar sonr,
    gotna lande.

  • We ask your immediate redress of this woeful inequity before a tragedy of worldwide consequence ensues.

    — Press Release
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