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by Susan Ohanian

This is a program description from The Government Security Conference and Expo
Conference March 29-30
Expo March 30-31
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Hall C

I'm not commenting on the need for a conference on emergency readiness or even on an expo hall filled with "thousands of cutting-edge systems, tools and technologies preventing future incidents, preparing for and responding to hazards and disasters, and ensuring public safety, showcased by top solution providers."

I'm not even questioning Laser Shot:

Throughout the day on:

Wednesday, March 30th and Thursday, March 31st

Test your skill and judgment in true-to-life shooting simulations. You'll compete against federal, state and local law enforcement by demonstrating your ability to make decisions with exceptional accuracy. Using scenarios selected by firearms instructors, contestants will be challenged by the simulator and each other to achieve the highest score possible! Compete for prizes and bragging rights for you and your department.

The Competition will feature 3 events:

* Transitional Drill -- Transitional Drill will test a shooter's speed, accuracy, and target acquisition ability.
* Lateral Thinking -- Lateral Thinking will test a shooter's ability to reason while in a timed shooting drill.
* Timing Trainer -- Timing Trainer will test a shooter's ability to acquire and engage moving targets.

I'm just interested in the similarity of the language used by one keynoter, this fellow from IBM, and the garbage that fills our in-boxes--sent out from professional organizations and unions: mission, information management, tipping point, transformation, best practices, common challenges, keys to success.

Not to mention leveraging information.

Keynotes (KN)
KN2A Threat Prediction & Prevention -- Leveraging Information To Protect The Country

March 29, 2011

12:45PM - 1:15PM

Tim Paydos


Mission leaders tell us that they find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place -- between intensifying mission and threat challenges on the one hand, and out mode and out dated information management systems on the other hand that simply limit their ability to respond. They tell us they have reached a tipping point, where they know they need to transform the way they manage information predict and prevent attack or crime. The good news is that many have embraced the opportunity, have invested to address, and we now know what the transformation looks like. Please join this best practices discussion to learn about the common challenges mission leaders face, the efforts some have taken to address them, and what we have learned are the keys to success.

NOTE: I am only letting conference keynoter Randi Vicers, Director, U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, National Cybersecurity Division, Department of Homeland Security, off the hook because I can't find a blurb for his presentation.

Question to consider: What's the Race to the Top equivalent of the CIA's "enhanced interrogation?" For starters you could ask members of Select Committee on Intelligence.

They are reviewing:

  • How the CIA created, operated and maintained its detention and interrogation program;

  • Whether the CIA accurately described the detention and interrogation program to other parts of the US government, including the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel and the Senate Intelligence Committee;

  • whether the CIA implemented the program in compliance with official guidance, including covert action findings, Office of Legal Counsel opinions and CIA policy;
  • and

  • An evaluation of intelligence information gained through the use of enhanced and standard interrogation techniques.

  • I don't think it mocks the seriousness of these questions to ask for the Race to the Top equivalent questions.

    Send me your suggestions.

    By the way, the program calls the folk speaking at this Security Conference "leaders and visionaries."

  • Chicago Schools CEO Arne Duncan is a visionary school leader"--Margaret Spelling, Dec. 2008

  • surprising to see Sharpton received in the Oval Office -- alongside Newt Gingrich -- as an education visionary--American Prospect, June 2009
  • — Susan Ohanian
    comment on Government Security Conference


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