World of Opportunity

3 Cheers for the World of Opportunity!

The World of Opportunity (WOO) opened its doors after the Birmingham City Schools pushed out 522 students in an apparent attempt to raise test scores. Steve Orel, WOO Coordinator, told the story at Interversity’s first online conference, Roots of Resistance, in September, 2000. His account, 522 students pushed out of school in Birmingham, Alabama, tells how his objections to the district’s actions cost him his job and how the WOO was born.

The WOO is a social justice and civil rights experiment which works at teaching the whole person. This means addressing hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence as well as academic needs. Over the past two years the WOO has worked with hundreds of pushed out students. Nine have passed the GED exam and others are about to take the exam. More than 100 students have used the WOO’s training in computers, Health Care, and drafting to obtain jobs.

Congratulations, WOO!

Ohanian Comment: The hometown newspaper that has studiously ignored the WOO finally pays tribute to accomplishment. On July 29, The WOO held its 2006 GED Graduation & Student Achievement Ceremony at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

We offer congratulations to the GED graduates and the National Adult Education Honor Society Inductees.

And what can we say about Steve except that he is a shining example of someone who does not quit but continues to work for what is right. He is bolstered by a loving family who help him keep on keeping on.

GED GRADUATES & National Adult Education Honor Society NAEHS INDUCTEES

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The system in Birmingham has turned its back on young people. In challenging circumstances, the World of Opportunity offers hand, heart, and hard work. We can do our part by sending whatever money we can spare, providing this experiment in social justice and civil rights the support the system withholds. If you believe in students, and if you believe education should be about learning rather than testing, and if you believe that courage must be nurtured, give.

Help the students of the World of Opportunity keep alive an extraordinary effort.