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  • Teacher wouldn’t take fall
  • Any Fool Can Teach
  • The Partnership for 19th Century Skills
  • America as 100 people: ‘Village’ concept used to teach
  • They’re Back
  • ‘An Unorthodox Invitation’
  • Toward a New Vision of Our Children and Their Schools: I Have a Dream
  • News from the Library of Congress
  • Congressman Joe Baca Sponsors Bill To End NCLB Testing Requirements
  • August to June: education that respects the whole child.
  • Breaking Free of the Urban Education Plantation
  • An Interview with Dr. Stuart Brown, MD
  • Tenn Student’s Latest Education Victory Is Personal
  • High Energy and Commitment in Chicago: Youth Activists Demand Military-Free Schools
  • Community-Based Doulas: A Good Investment in the Future
  • Academic turns city into a social experiment
  • Vermont’s juvenile justice teaches kids community can help
  • Administration Shelves Pa. Graduation Exam Plan
  • Helping create one-to-one learning conversations
  • A School That Works By Working Together
  • What Will Change Everything?
  • Education for Human Greatness
  • Sign Up for Change
  • WALKABOUT: Searching for the Right Passage from Childhood and School
  • Indoor recess? W.D.M., Waukee kids prefer to let it slide
  • Ex-foster teens at home for holidays in dorms
  • Literally Bursting With Excitement
  • The Face of Progressive Education Reform
  • A New Culture Needs a New Education
  • Barrie school bans ‘unfair’ homework
  • Eat Up, Kids, This Spud’s for You
  • Alexandria’s New Superintendent Urges Educators to Stop, Reflect, Act
  • Update: Magna Cum MoJo
  • Spectrum makes a huge difference
  • A Brooklyn Morning
  • Rescuing Kids, One at a Time
  • Falmouth woman overcomes challenges to reach her dreams of running a bake shop
  • Poetry Program Gives Prisoners Unexpected Voice
  • Individual Acts of Resistance
  • So Ready to Send the Kids Off to College
  • Vandals Forced to Study Poetry of Frost
  • Hochberg: Legislative action can really impact Valley schools
  • Doug Ward, A Teacher We Can Be Proud to Call Colleague
  • Well-rounded
  • A Happy Day
  • Mill Valley’s Molarsky is still writing at 98
  • Bronx 8th-graders boycott practice exam but teacher may get ax
  • Teacher refuses to give N.C. End-of-Grade Tests
  • Former Essex Junction student returns bearing gifts
  • Students receive award for schooling Conyers
  • High School Teaches Thoreau in the Woods
  • Comic Books to College President
  • ‘Spellbound’ Star
  • Colorado Activism: A Model for Us All
  • Money left behind
  • New York Legislator Stands Against Test Over-Emphasis
  • Must See Educational Videos
  • Georgia School Melds a World of Differences
  • Helen Gym: This inclusionary leader has tirelessly fought to improve city schools.
  • Top Ten Reasons Why You Suspect Your Teacher Believes in Invitational Education
  • Defending School Report Cards, Over a Chorus of Boos
  • The Chicken and Rice Man
  • Bilingual Picture Books
  • American teacher takes the restroom to the classroom
  • The Coalition for Better Education Bus Bench Campaign
  • FairTest Sponsoring 10 Washington Students
  • Harwood teacher makes civics a community lesson for students
  • Mario Capecchi: The man who changed our world
  • Baaaaccckkkk To School
  • Courageous Legislator Award
  • The High School Kinship of Cristal and Queen
  • Values set Baltimore school apart
  • Don’t Say It About Me Anymore: Learn the Story Behind the Man
  • Boy who slept in trash is student of the year
  • Homeless teen successful against all odds
  • Fighting Brothels With Books
  • Group Formed to Rescue Recess
  • Voucher advocate has little to show for his donations
  • 4 Benchmarks to Literacy Development: Wyatt Finally Reads (a lot)
  • Parent PAC strikes back
  • One Thin Thread
  • L.A. Unified Reinstates Crenshaw High Teacher

World of Opportunity

3 Cheers for the World of Opportunity!

The World of Opportunity (WOO) opened its doors after the Birmingham City Schools pushed out 522 students in an apparent attempt to raise test scores. Steve Orel, WOO Coordinator, told the story at Interversity’s first online conference, Roots of Resistance, in September, 2000. His account, 522 students pushed out of school in Birmingham, Alabama, tells how his objections to the district’s actions cost him his job and how the WOO was born.

The WOO is a social justice and civil rights experiment which works at teaching the whole person. This means addressing hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence as well as academic needs. Over the past two years the WOO has worked with hundreds of pushed out students. Nine have passed the GED exam and others are about to take the exam. More than 100 students have used the WOO’s training in computers, Health Care, and drafting to obtain jobs.

Congratulations, WOO!

Ohanian Comment: The hometown newspaper that has studiously ignored the WOO finally pays tribute to accomplishment. On July 29, The WOO held its 2006 GED Graduation & Student Achievement Ceremony at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

We offer congratulations to the GED graduates and the National Adult Education Honor Society Inductees.

And what can we say about Steve except that he is a shining example of someone who does not quit but continues to work for what is right. He is bolstered by a loving family who help him keep on keeping on.

GED GRADUATES & National Adult Education Honor Society NAEHS INDUCTEES

(1) …

The rest of the story…

You can help keep WOO going! Send checks to:

Contributions are tax deductible.

The system in Birmingham has turned its back on young people. In challenging circumstances, the World of Opportunity offers hand, heart, and hard work. We can do our part by sending whatever money we can spare, providing this experiment in social justice and civil rights the support the system withholds. If you believe in students, and if you believe education should be about learning rather than testing, and if you believe that courage must be nurtured, give.

Help the students of the World of Opportunity keep alive an extraordinary effort.

A Year of Vocabulary—Just for the Kids

Research shows that memorizing vocabulary lists is a very inefficient, dispiriting way to acquire vocabulary. What children need is to encounter interesting words in their reading. To that end, here is a word story for every day of the year. Adults wanting more information about vocabulary development (and to offer support for this site) may take a look at The Great Word Catalogue: FUNdamental Activities for Building Vocabulary

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

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  • Good News on Twitter
  • In Texas, a Backlash Against Student Testing
  • Flora, Now in English
  • Victory for the UCB Library Occupation!
  • ‘Don’t Make Me Do This!’ The Equations Screamed
  • U.S. scholar stresses natural, easy way of English learning
  • Celebrations harder during the cold Russian winter
  • Matt Damon and Mother Reject Union’s Award
  • January 7 Opt Out Activism Across the Country
  • Teachers Resist High-Tech Push in Idaho Schools
  • Teacher Evaluation Effort Derails
  • Mr. Geller
  • An Update on One Homeless Boy
  • Occupy Education
  • Educational reform: Standardized tests not the way to inspire learning
  • Principals Protest Role of Testing in Evaluations
  • An Update on the Power of the Press
  • An Open Letter of Concern
  • In a Standardized Era, a Creative School Is Forced to Be More So
  • Occupy the Department of Education New York City Chancellor Takes it On the Hop
  • No Alabama universities agree to be in study of teacher education programs
  • Chalk it up to the hacks: New York scraps $27 million education contract with Murdoch firm
  • Students: the Achilles heel of test-based teacher evaluation?
  • Playing to Learn
  • Life is Good: Playmakers
  • Children’s literacy is enhanced by free choice reading
  • Busboys and Poets Name Film about Joyous Learning Film of the Month
  • Here’s a Great Way to Organize Your Community
  • Group in need of marchers July 23 for Save Our Schools
  • Charlie Reads His Favorite Book
  • Albuquerque Premier of Inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman
  • Here’s a Unique Promo for a University
  • From a standout player, a different sort of care basket
  • For Some With Autism, Jobs to Match Their Talents
  • S.D. schools back out of No Child Left Behind Act
  • Dalton Sherman’s “I Believe” Speech Discovered in Fordham Institute NCLB Pep Rally
  • Dalton Sherman’s “I Believe” Speech Discovered in Fordham Institute NCLB Pep Rally
  • Colorado’s Bipartisan Opponents to No Child Left Behind Vow to Persist with Passing Memorial to Congress in 2012
  • You Say You Want A Revolution? Try Some “Inconvenient Truth” About Deformers
  • Teaching Beyond the Test, to Make Room Again for Current Events
  • Behind student success, an LAUSD librarian
  • Speak Out for Public Education: Prominent educators speak out against so-called Race To The Top
  • L.A. Unified’s librarians on trial
  • Why Libraries Still Matter
  • Premiere Screening: The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting For Superman
  • Closing the Door on Inovation
  • Why kids need recess and exercise
  • Here’s to the Students! Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action
  • Test scores don’t mean that much
  • Battle Hymn of the Anti-Tiger Mother
  • Books for Bama
  • Rising of the American People (Or, At Least, Some of Them)
  • Are You There, Mr. President? Madison is Calling
  • Wisconsin schools call off classes as budget protests continue
  • Wisconsinites Rally to Beat Back Vicious Assault on Public Sector Unions
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  • Inventor Kid
  • Yeah, Chicago Students!
  • Best college essay ever?
  • Feel Good Again About Public Schools
  • Returning the Blessings of an Immortal Life
  • Ocoee Middle School to Premiere Reading Video One Year After Viral Hit
  • Oscar Nominations Snub Gates
  • Library emptied in bid to fight closure
  • Three Say NO Billboards Go Up In Colorado
  • U.S. Schools Are Still Ahead–Way Ahead
  • Parents Embrace Documentary on Pressures of School
  • Personal sacrifice for children who suffer
  • Work for Change
  • Radio Interview with Jo Scott-Coe Teacher at Point Blank
  • Brave New Voices 2010 Love Letter To Albuquerque Public Schools
  • Walking with a purpose
  • Joe Navarro Wins Seat on School Board
  • A Declaration of Professional Conscience for Teachers
  • Whittier Parent Committee Declaration of Victory (Culmination of the SIT-IN)
  • Some parents threaten to pull kids from CSAP testing
  • A Teachers Union Does Something Right
  • Public Education: Stop the Attacks and Fund Quality Education for All
  • La Casita visits the alderman… Waiting for Danny Solis
  • Waiting for Library-Man
  • Reading To Prisoners
  • Why?
  • Kids find summertime haven in libraries, parents find day care
  • Check Out This New Website
  • Key to Children Reading More Is Fostering Joy of Reading Slowly
  • Dear Reader, Pllllease Sllllow Doooown NH Professor Pushes for Return to Slow Reading
  • Man Walking To Washington To Protest Federal Education Policies
  • CORE Wins Big in Chicago
  • Best Book Promo Ever
  • On Track
  • Free books block summer slide in low-income students
  • Educating for Human Greatness: A New Paradigm and Unifying Model for Reinventing Education
  • BOOKS – Pie in the Sky?
  • An Amazing Time For Math In This Country
  • Educating for Human Greatness A new book – A new paradigm A better way!
  • College: More than numbers game
  • New DEEL 4th Annual Conference: Our Children: Economic Warriors or Democratic Ethical Citizens?
  • Jesse is Walking to Washington, DC
  • School Lunches in France: Nursery-School Gourmets
  • Danza says class act isn’t just for show
  • Literally Bursting With Excitement
  • Sanders Announces Rutland School Dental Care
  • Ruth McBride Jordan, Subject of Son’s Book ‘Color of Water,’ Dies at 88
  • Why I Love Jose Ortega
  • “Currently Reading” Posters
  • Some capital-area school districts sit out race for federal funds
  • School district says no to Race to the Top

No Child Left Behind?

The Eggplant

U. S. Youth Engage in Arne Duncan’s Favorite Season of the Year

Some students taking the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment test found themselves suddenly logged out during the test; others discovered that the test would not accept correct answers. “I was kinda bummed,” said 11th grader Sven Finkel, “until I realized that the Minnesota school calendar lists all days in April as April Fools’ Day.”

The rest of the story…


NCLB Outrages

DIBELS Abuse in Tennessee

Ohanian Comment: I received this message from a Tennessee mom. It is a reminder that DIBELS is still used to abuse children. Richelle Deharde said she is happy for her name to be used.

I don’t see any reason to protect the school system: Davidson County, Metro Nashville. It reminds me of this story from the G…
The rest of the story…


NCLB In Your Face

Ask About the Administration’s Suggestions to Revise the ESEA

You can borrow Stephen Krashen’s fine questions for the Administration. Send them in! Use them for newspaper op eds. Share them with your PTA.

by Kent Williamson, NCTE Executive Director

NCTE members are invited to join Massie Ritsch and Brad Jopp from the U.S. Department of Education and …
The rest of the story…


Stupid Test Items

  • CST
    A student teacher comments: The correct answer was a). That the word relocated in a question could possibly be paired with an answer that has freedom in it is astonishing.Here are some other possib
  • SAT
    It seems necessary to identify this as humor because truth (real tests) is often more outlandish.
  • NAEP Question H
    Ohanian Comment: I remember studying this in 8th grade.
    Which one do you suppose the military wants?
  • CST
    This test description is by California teacher George Sheridan
  • ISTEP+
    How many adults are capable of writing a short story on any topic, making it interesting and exciting?How about writing a short story about a work site?Let’s take this writing prompt to our political leaders 
  • ISTEP+
    The publisher provides truncated definitions, removing each example, to make the item more difficult. It also presents the definitions in paragraph form. In contrast, here is a genuine dictionary entry for the word cake. <br…</br
    A seldom reported distractor item on tests is the huge disturbance caused by wildly inappropriate artwork. What was a high schooler hoping to pass the Spring 2001 California High School Exit Exam to make of the illustration stuck below “The Courage T
  • BST
    I would suggest that regular is in the eye of the beholder.
  • OGT
    Below is the state of Ohio’s question, followed by their critique and explanation. Just think of all the drills on “standard” English this will subject students to. And don’t you wish the Explainer wrote better English?
  • FCAT
    This item was offered to a Florida newspaper with this descriptor: This question is similar to those on the 10th-grade reading FCAT. There’s more than one question. I guess we can assume they are all similar.Try doing this item–wi
  • Terra Nova
    Here is a culturally biased item having little to do with reading comprehension. The young reader must answer that a kelp ball is not a baseball, a beach ball, or a balloon.
  • MCAS
    Here’s the sentence that follows the sentence on which students are being interrogated:
    The McChoakumchild school was all fact, and the school of design was all fact, and the relations between master and man were all fact, and everything
  • MCAS, Grade 8
    Quick! What is the distance between Boston and Harcourt testing headquarters–in meters.This question has a lot wrong with it.1) Does ANYBODY except test item writers measure the distance between cities in meters?

  • MCAS
    Note that only one of the four questions requires reading the passage. Only two of the four have anything to do with reading comprehension, and even one of these is doubtful. A child does not have to know what quiver means to understand the pa
    Read this sample from the test that is infecting young children across the country.
  • YUCK
  • CRCT
    What on earth are they trying to get at?
  • CTB McGraw Hill
    If you think you know the answer to this question, try looking up pretzel in the encyclopedia. I found one sentence that might be termed historical in my old cookbook A World of Breadsby Dolores Casella (David White 1966): “Old-time p
    The questions on this test required of professionals to keep their jobs raise an important issue: Is it the appropriate role of a paraprofessional to teach reading strategies?
  • TCAP
    Obviously, many children will be at a disadvantage if they don’t know what a lasso is.In question 2, I see a lot of opinions: Mike has an opinion on how to tie a lasso. He has an opinion about hard work. Someone thinks the calf’s nose is
  • ParaPro
    The fact that paraprofessionals making $8.00 an hour–or less–are beseiged by inappropriate NCLB credentialism rules goes ignored by the media.
  • CAT/TerraNova
    Isn’t it ironic that a national testmaker quizzes kids on the concept of recess?
  • LEAP21
    It’s past time to launch a campaign informing authors of the execrable uses to which Standardistos and other profiteers put their creative works. Send in the name of authors whose work is used on standardized tests. Include the author, title of work,
  • SOL
    OK, since I don’t know the answer, I’m very sympathetic with fifth graders who don’t know the answer. I worry about the curriculum required to produce a correct answer.

NCLB Outrages

  • Dumbing Down Teachers: Attacking Colleges of Education in the Name of Reform
  • Just Say No to the Race to the Top
  • Maine Voices: Testing can help evaluate teachers, but it’s not the sole method
  • Duncan’s Data Road Map
  • Race to Nonsense
  • This is Not Right
  • Federal reviewers: Minn. Race to the Top application illegible, missing information
  • Rand Paul’s views on education and reform
  • Taking Back School Reform: A Conversation Between Diane Ravitch and Mike Rose
  • Schools 4 $Sale: Inquire at U.S. DOE
  • Why Obama, Duncan should have kept quiet about Rhode Island teachers
  • Education reform: A Race to the Top — or for fool’s gold
  • School Reform: A Position Paper by Anaheim Elementary Education Association
  • Unions, States Clash in Race to Top
  • Testimony Before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Regarding the FY 2011 Education Budget (2010-04-25)
  • Indiana calls off race for education reform grant
  • Delaware, Tennessee ‘win’ educational grants
  • A Disappointing Race to the Top
  • Curriculum Standards Scrutinized
  • Arne Duncan the heartbreaker and Race to the Top
  • RACE TO THE TOP Phase 1 Final Results
  • The Turnaround Myth: Failing schools are best shut down
  • Education Reform Is the Best Stock on the Market
  • Unusable protractor error joins many issues with test
  • Failing Georgia school firing entire staff to qualify for aid
  • Comment Submitted to House Education and Labor Committee on Reauthorization of Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  • The National Standards Distraction
  • Race to the Top’s 10 false assumptions
  • Testing Kindergarten: Young Children Produce Data—Lots of Data
  • Warning
  • One Classroom, From Sea to Shining Sea
  • Obama Administration Looks to Overhaul No Child Left Behind
  • Mr. Obama and No Child Left Behind
  • Obama Retreats on Education Reform
  • Schools try “boot camp” to raise scores
  • Secretary Arne Duncan Testimony Before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee on the
  • Why Obama, Duncan should read Linda Darling-Hammond’s new education book
  • Last Bell – Suspended in Seattle – We Stood Up to Unfair Testing
  • Falling Into the Ditch
  • School’s Shake-Up Is Embraced by the President
  • A New Petition Asking for Changes in NCLB
  • Twelve Underperforming Schools To Be ‘Shaken-Up’ in Boston
  • Rhode Island school nears compromise on mass teacher firings
  • Schools chief, teachers agree to resume talks
  • Using Technology to Transform Schools
  • Duncan Testimony, House Committee on Education and Labor
  • Soldier Waterboards 4-Year-Old Daughter
  • An Open Letter to Arne Duncan
  • Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction officially embraces policy of starving Milwaukee Public Schools into submission by exercising his power to withhold Federal funds from district
  • Education Law Has Failed U.S.: Overhaul is Welcome
  • Data-Driven Analysis: How Illinois school officials rigged the ISAT Reading Test for political purposes
  • Closing Schools Solves Nothing
  • Why Kindergarten-Admission Tests Are Worthless
  • Bill Cala Testifies in Rochester
  • Obama to Seek Sweeping Change in No Child Law
  • The Faces of School Reform
  • Bloomberg’s 12-Step Method to Close Down Public Schools
  • No Child Left Behind Law Loses Support
  • Two hundred bucks to risk a child’s life
  • “Quality” must come before “charter”
  • The School Turnaround Folly
  • Recommendations to Sen. Patty Murray, on the LEARN Act
  • Time runs short to join Race to the Top
  • Bobb’s plan: Tougher curriculum, more teacher training
  • Text of President Obama’s speech to Wright Middle School
  • The One Reason Duncan’s Race to the Top Will Fail
  • State must be competitive for ‘Race’ grants
  • Race to the Top Education Grant Propels Reforms
  • No Child Left Behind: New evidence that charter schools help even kids in other schools
  • Center for American Progress & Chamber of Commerce
  • A Matter of Principle
  • Keep This Man Away from Your Children
  • Reauthorization of ESEA: Why We Can’t Wait
  • Obama education chief Duncan to push schools reform
  • Gates Memo to Support Race to the Top
  • The Need for a Moratorium on High-stakes Testing
  • School test results bring confusion

Research that Counts 2

  • All Brains Are the Same Color
  • Cultivating Happiness
  • Those Who Would Be President Pontificate on Education
  • Improvement in Florida Schools Libraries Boosts FCAT Scores and Students Reading Abilities
  • Screening Tests To Identify Children With Reading Problems Are Being Misapplied, Study Shows
  • Teenage Brains Seem Set for Recklessness, Yet Tend to Avoid Risk
  • Are We Reading Less and Reading Worse? Probably Not.
  • Accelerated Reader: Once Again, Evidence Lacking
  • Lead exposure, crime seem to correlate
  • Bad Behavior Does Not Doom Pupils, Studies Say
  • Family Factors Critical to Closing Achievement Gap
  • The Science Education Myth
  • A Negative Report on Choice from a Free Market Group
  • Conflicting Studies About Private Management Not Conclusive
  • Reforms that could help NARROW the Achievement Gap
  • Please help us document the impact of high stakes tests on students’ and others’ lives
  • Key Component of NCLB Lacks Research Support
  • Return of the Deficit
  • Analysis of 2003 Released TAKS Reading Tests
  • The Other Adolescent Suicide
  • Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior
  • Free Reading
  • How Thinking Can Change the Brain: Dalai Lama Helps Scientists Show the Power of the Mind to Sculpt Our Gray Matter
  • On Being Sane In Insane Places
  • Student Ratings of Stressful Experiences at Home and School Loss of a Parent and Grade Retention as Superlative Stressors
  • Five Missing Pillars of Scientific Reading Instruction
  • NCLB Widens Achievement Gap – Getting the Message Out
  • Rocket Scientists Not as Smart as Originally Thought
  • Wisconsin Projections of Employment 2004 to 2014: Education and Training
  • Evidence on Education under NCLB (and How Florida Boosted NAEP Scores and Reduced the Race Gap)
  • Response to “March of the Pessimists”
  • Brief Intervention Improves Achievement of Students Subject to Negative Stereotyping, Study Finds
  • Life Events Thwart Scientists’ Attempts To Draw DNA Profiles
  • The New Common Sense of Education: Advocacy Research Versus Academic Authority
  • The Mismanagement of Reading First: Summary of Evidence, Part 2
  • The Mismanagement of Reading First: Summary of Evidence, Part 1
  • Review: Bracey, Gerald. W. (2006). Reading Educational Research: How to Avoid Getting Statistically Snookered
  • Schooling, Statistics, and Poverty:; Can We Measure School Improvement?
  • Study hints AP classes overrated
  • Just Another Big Con: The Crisis in Mathematics and Science Education
  • High-Stakes Testing and Student Achievement: Does Accountability Pressure Increase Student Learning?
  • The Rotten Apples in Education Awards 2005
  • Who’s Who and What’s What: A Scoring Guide for NAEP, the Outfit Claiming to be The Nation’s Report Card
  • Part 2: How Does NAEP Label a Reader
  • Massachusetts Dropout Rates Rise in 2003-2004: Recommendations for Action
  • High School Reform: The Downside of Scaling-Up
  • Working families’ incomes often fail to meet living expenses around the U.S.
  • Data or Scare-Talk About American Schools?
  • Special Report: Reading First Under Fire: IG Targets Conflicts of Interest, Limits on Local Control
  • Study Finds ‘Trade-Off’ Between Financing National Merit Scholars and Enrolling Pell Grant Recipients
  • No Child Left Behind: Where Does the Money Go? Part 1
  • No Child Left Behind: Where Does the Money Go? Part 2
  • New Report Examines Local Impact of High School Exit Exams
  • The Effectiveness of Retention
  • The Inevitable Corruption of Indicators and Educators Through High-Stakes Testing
  • When Are Racial Disparities in Education the Result of Racial Discrimination? A Social Science Perspective
  • Teachers College Book Review: Why Is Corporate America Bashing Our Public Schools?
  • Scholars Respond to Scientific Research in Education Report
  • Research that Matters: Putting Testing to the Test
  • The Case for Late Intervention: Once a Good Reader, Always a Good Reader
  • What Wal-Mart Knows About Customers’ Habits
  • Second Time Around
  • School Size, Achievement, and Achievement Gaps
  • The Trouble With Research, Part 3
  • Kids Don’t Measure Friendship in Inches
  • The Mind at Work: Valuing the Intelligence of the American Worker
  • Full Page Ad in The New York Times
  • What the Harvard Civil Rights project has to say about NCLB
  • “The Education Pipeline in the United States, 1970-2000,” compares school enrollment data by grade from the Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics.
  • Black Alliance for Educational Options: Community Voice or Captive of the Right?
  • The Testing Movement and Delayed Gratification
  • School Size — Bigger is Not Better
  • The Bias Question
  • Limits of High Stakes Testing
  • The Lexile Framework: Unnecessary and Potentially Harmful
  • New Ring Around Uranus Linked to Missing Tests
  • Attrition of Students from New York Schools
  • How Many Books Would $87 Billion Buy?
  • Wisconsin Education Program Reduces Class Size, Increasing Student Achievement
  • Constraining Elementary Teachers’ Work: Dilemmas and Paradoxes Created by State Mandated Testing
  • What You Need to Know About Just For Kids and Who’s Backing It
  • With Friends Like These Progressives, Who Needs to Worry About Conservatives?
  • IQ: The Most Complex–and Controversial–of All Complex Traits
  • Report on Early Childhood Development
  • Errors in Standardized Tests: A Systemic Problem
  • NAEP Achievement Levels: Inappropriate Statistics Unethically Used
  • Reading First Cautions and Recommendations
  • What Can Student Drawings Tell Us About High-Stakes Testing in Massachusetts?

Research that Counts

  • Michigan neo-liberalism: creating the material conditions for privatization
  • leading educational testing experts caution against heavy reliance on the use of test scores in teacher evaluation
  • It’s Worse Than I Thought
  • Public Media’s Impact on Young Readers: Time for a Fresh Look
  • The Common CoreStandards Initiative: An Effective Reform Tool?
  • The Medium Is the Medium
  • In Their Own Words: Looking at What Duncan and Company Are Up To
  • Children With Home Computers Likely to Have Lower Test Scores, Study Finds
  • Reading for Understanding Research Initiative
  • New Orleans Schools
  • Mouse Grimace Scale
  • MORE EVIDENCE for the power of access to books
  • Public Good vs. Private Profit: Imagine Schools, Inc. in Ohio
  • Stephen Krashen: Children need food, health care, and books. Not new standards and tests
  • Childhood According to Darwin
  • Early Childhood Experiences Have Lasting Emotional and Psychological Effects
  • Social inequality of reading literacy
  • National Standards Report Makes a Leap Too Far
  • LET’S DO THE NUMBERS: Department of Education’s Race to the Top Program Offers Only a Muddled Path to the Finish Line
  • New Research Shows that Prop 227 was a Mistake
  • What Counts as Credible Research?
  • 6th Annual César Chávez Education Conference
  • Standards and Criteria Redux
  • The Keys to a Successful Education System
  • Joint Statement of Early Childhood Health and Education Professionals on the Common Core Standards Initiative
  • Study: Millennial generation more educated, less employed
  • Retired Officers Raise Questions on Crime Data
  • Five Honorees of Bunkum Awards Announced for their Contributions to Sub-Par Education Research (2010-02-15)
  • New study looks at segregation in charter schools
  • Will Science Take the Field?
  • Review: Education Hell: Rhetoric vs. Reality
  • The Lancet retracts flawed autism study
  • Does the No Child Left Behind Act Help or Hinder K-12 Education?
  • Race to the Top: The Research Base
  • Test, Punish, and Push Out:: How Zero Tolerance and High-Stakes Testing Funnel Youth into the School to Prison Pipeline
  • Do You Have the ‘Right Stuff’ to Be a Doctor?
  • Access Living’s November 2009 critique of CPS budget has been ignored for too long… Critical review of how Chicago budgets for special education
  • Studying Young Minds, and How to Teach Them
  • Some Facts from Richard Rothstein
  • The Science of Success
  • Barbarians at the Schoolhouse
  • Bracey’s last report–trashing our educational assumptions
  • Headline-Grabbing Charter School Study Doesn’t Hold Up To Scrutiny
  • As Unemployment Rises, Kids’ Future Dims
  • The Bracey Report On the Condition of Public Education, 2009
  • Back to the Future? Performance-Related Pay, Empirical Research, and the Perils of Persistence
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