Tennesee Comprehensive Assessment Program
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State: TN

Obviously, many children will be at a disadvantage if they don\’t know what a lasso is.

In question 2, I see a lot of opinions: Mike has an opinion on how to tie a lasso. He has an opinion about hard work. Someone thinks the calf\’s nose is pink and soft. Others might disagree. Some may think the pond is still frozen, but if you read the paragraph, you\’ll find out that a calf fell through. So just what do the writers and test makers mean by frozen?]

Here are two questions based on this passage.

1. Kim is writing a paragraph about the character Lydia in the passage “Lydia’s Lasso.” Read her topic sentence.

Lydia is a brave girlwho wants to help more on the ranch.

Which sentence from the story best supports Kim’s topic sentence?

a) Mike was Lydia’s cousin, and he was nearly sixteen years old.

b) She lassoed a log that had been frozen upright in the ice.

c) She wanted a lasso cattle from high atop a horse.

d) It was a good quarter of a mile away from all the action.

2. Which of these sentences from the passage is an opinion?

a) “This is how you tie a lasso,” said Mike.

b) “This is hard work and it can be dangerous.”

c) It bounced off the tip of the calf’s soft pink nose.

d) The pond was still frozen from the winter temperatures.